NAICS #541611

Management consulting is problem-solving. Exodus solves 72% of business problems and opportunities originating from broken processes.  We adopt a "Systems Thinking" approach in deploying our body of knowledge, techniques, and assets to improve internal systems and processes to ensure organizational capacity building.  By mapping the current state to the future state, we connect people and processes vital to an organization's economic health.

NAICS #611430 

Exodus evaluates cleaning programs employing ISSA  Clean Standards to help facilities establish a framework to assess their cleaning processes' effectiveness. Our goal for your facility is to implement best practices that improve cleaning outcomes, lower the total cost of cleaning while closing the knowledge gap amongst cleaning personnel. 

Employee Relations
NAICS #541612

An organization on average has an 11.7% chance of facing an employment lawsuit claim, which is why sustainable business practices are directly tied to an organization's efforts to manage employers' and employees' relationships. Exodus provides non-legal advice and training regarding employee behavior and performance issues as well as 3rd party investigations.

Leadership Development
NAICS #611430

Sustainable business strategies are directly dependent on the effectiveness of your leaders. As an Independent Certified Coach, Teacher, and Speaker of the world-renowned John Maxwell Team, founded by top Leadership expert Dr. John C. Maxwell, our leadership development solutions can take many different forms, from workshops, retreats to one-on-one coaching masterminds, and speaking. 

Property Preservation Services
Insurance Field Surveys
NAICS #561990

Exodus is a Certified Mortgage Field Services Inspector. We function as an independent contractor on behalf of financial institutions and insurance underwriters. We visually conduct Quality Control inspections to provide clients with property/loss control risk surveys and accurate reporting of the condition and occupancy status of the vested property. 

  • Exterior Inspections- Verifies the occupancy status and provides a detailed description of the property's exterior condition.

  • Interior Inspections-Identifies interior risks to reduce the severity and cost of damages hidden inside a property, like a mold, water intrusion, and pest infestations.

  • Insurance Loss Inspections-Verifies repairs and rehab work are completed to assist insurance companies before releasing insurance funds.