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Why Choose Us


​Broken processes reduce productivity by 64% and account for 72% of business and organizational problems. If not resolved, it produces widespread inefficiency resulting in a 20% – 40% reduction in business revenue.

Our system thinking approach to problem-solving ensures that a process is never looked at in isolation but rather as a system, enhancing our ability to create viable solutions for your business challenge

 Benefits of Systems Thinking


The correct problems are solved.

Assumptions are uncovered.

Unintended consequences are identified.

We aim to connect people and processes to create a continuous improvement loop that ensures optimal business performance. Below is how we curate your solution post-discovery session.

People meeting to discuss app developmen

Clarify the Problem

Filter information from the client to identify specific challenges.

Image by Jason Goodman

Identify a Strategy

Conduct a fact-finding visit to examine daily operations, collect data, interview staff and map the causal loop.

Image by krakenimages

Propose a Recommendation

Draft deliverables to propose solutions to the client’s challenges and measure outcomes.

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