Mortgage Field Services

Exodus is a Certified Mortgage Field Services Inspector. We function as an independent contractor on behalf of financial institutions and insurance underwriters. We visually conduct Quality Control inspections and provide clients with timely and accurate reporting of the condition and occupancy status of the vested property. Also, we do REO Check-Up of an REO property to determine the overall condition and marketability. This service ensures clients that each property is being kept secure, well maintained, and readily marketable to show prospective buyers. We provide insurance property/loss control risk surveys on behalf of underwriters seeking new or renewal business.

Exterior Inspections

We verify the occupancy status, in addition to providing a detailed description of the exterior condition of the property.

Interior Inspections

We identify interior risks to reduce the severity and cost of damages hidden inside a property, like mold, water intrusion and pest infestations.

Insurance Loss Inspections

We verify that repairs and rehab work are successfully completed to assist insurance companies prior to the release of insurance funds.

Contact Attempt Services

We attempt to provide contact information to delinquent borrowers on behalf of mortgage servicers and lenders.