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Business Development Partners

Our company's growth and development heavily rely on partnerships. By working together with our partners, we provide our clients with wider access to information, resources, and expertise, thus increasing our global influence and market share. Our partnerships with like-minded businesses are especially important as they enable us to contribute to the economic parity of populations that have traditionally encountered obstacles in accessing credit, capital, and other necessary resources to establish and expand their businesses. Our "Closing the Entrepreneurial Gap™" initiative aims to collaborate with firms that support this cause. Our partnership objectives are as follows:


​To provide entrepreneurial education & technical assistance

To increase supplier diversity

To increase minority participation in acquiring business certifications

To improved minority business access to capital


Credit Suite Affiliate

Credit Suite empower entrepreneurs and small businesses by providing them with the resources they need to achieve growth and success. We strive to assist entrepreneurs in building fundable businesses and accessing capital, ensuring they have the credit and funding necessary to start, build, and expand their ventures.



Team Engine is a software that offers hiring & employee communication solutions for blue-collar businesses by maximizing applicant reach, reducing interview no-shows, and keeping every employee engaged and on the same page. 

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