Cleaning for Health Tip: Cleaning Agents & Chemicals

Cleaning agents are products that act on surfaces to remove dirt and soil. There are many cleaning agents which is why it is important that you understand which particular tasks each is made for. Natural soaps, synthetic detergents, solvent cleaners, acid cleaners, and abrasive cleaners are just a few cleaning agents you will find in cleaning programs.

Cleaning chemicals is a broad term used to cover the many mixtures that can be used to clean and protect building surfaces and furnishings. Cleaning chemicals fall into two broad categories:

1) Cleaning agents-used to remove dirt and soil

2) Disinfectants -used for killing germs.

To use cleaning chemicals properly, one must understand what it is designed to do, how it is packaged and how it is to be used. You should also know how to dilute (when required), and what safety hazards it may present as well as how it will react with other chemicals.

If you are interested in showcasing a cleaning agent or chemical your company manufactures or distributes, please email We will will feature these every wednesday for Cleaning for Health tips.

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