Cleaning for Health Tip: Technology

I fondly recall one of my favorite cartoons called Inspector Gadget. He was a clumsy detective who needed lots of help solving cases for his Chief Quimby. His niece, Penny and her faithful dog, Brain often bailed him out of some pretty tasking situations. That help often came in the form of high-tech technology that masked Detective Gadgets shortcomings allowing him to solve cases. His magic words were always Go-go Gadget….

For those in the cleaning industry you have that same magic at your fingertips. It comes in the form of new technology and innovation. In the past, the cleaning industry was highly labor intensive and known as back-breaking work and often came with demands for reduction in labor costs while simultaneously maintaining quality and hygienic standards. Advancements in cleaning technology has increased productivity significantly and has proven to be both beneficial the customer and the cleaning service provider.

Despite the fear factor- these advancements include sleeker and quieter machines as well as apps that indicate supply levels to those that can workload and entire cleaning project. There are also smart tech solutions such as touch-free dispensers that can track hygiene compliance and new toilet paper technology, such as the Biologic Active Tissue Paper that prevents organic waste clogging pipe systems. Such technology is proving to be both useful and beneficial in achieving optimum cleaning and lowered overall cost.

So, the next time you are faced with a cleaning challenge, just say go go gadget…. and you can experience better cleaning efficiencies and reduced bottom line. Which by the way, will keep your Chief Quimby happy too. If you want to experience all the technological advancements and innovations within the cleaning industry, I highly encourage you to attend ISSA Show North American 2020 October 26-29, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL, USA.

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