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Exclusive Field Services


Since 2018, Exodus has provided trusted field inspection services for banks, insurance agencies, and mortgage lenders as an Independent Certified Field  Inspector.  We have conducted over 1,000 inspections and pride ourselves in offering reliable, timely field inspection services that allow our clients to correctly estimate the condition and value of their property. Our professional assessors will perform property condition assessments and inspection services for occupancy, insurable loss, disaster, compliance, REO foreclosure, bankruptcy & more.  

Our assessors evaluate the occupancy status and provide a detailed description of the property's exterior condition and interior risks to reduce the severity and cost of damages hidden inside a property, like mold, water intrusion, and pest infestations.

REO Interior/Exterior 

Our assessors will evaluate a property for quality compliance to ensure the structure and contents meet all regulatory, state, and local standards and do not deviate from the client's specifications.

QC Compliance

Our assessors verify that repairs and rehab work resulting from an insurance claim is completed to assist insurance companies before releasing insurance funds.

Insurance Loss

Our assessors perform personal and commercial lines surveys along with High-Value home surveys, for insurance carriers and Managing General Agent (MGA).

Insurance Risk

Modern House

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