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Our Founder

Introducing Gloria Wesley, the visionary CEO of Exodus Management & Consultant, LLC, your business transformation guru. With a proven track record of guiding organizations through impactful change, Gloria brings a wealth of expertise to the table. In a rapidly evolving business landscape, adaptation is key. Gloria specializes in helping companies navigate these shifts, leveraging innovative strategies to drive growth and success. From process optimization to cultural transformation, she possesses the insights and experience needed to propel your organization forward.


Over her illustrious 25-year career, she has garnered numerous accolades, owing to her exceptional proficiency in identifying opportunities and implementing innovative processes to streamline operational costs. A respected speaker and seasoned professional, Gloria has collaborated with entrepreneurs, small businesses, and organizations across diverse industries.


Her extensive certifications include being a John Maxwell DISC® Trainer, Coach, Speaker, and Teacher, Certified SCORE Business Mentor, Certified Human Resources Professional, Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt DEI Professional, Registered Environmental Services Executive, GBAC Certified Technician, ISSA CMI Certified Professional Trainer, C.P.T., and a Certified Disinfection Specialist.

Gloria has contributed to industry publications such as "Facility Decision," "GaBiz The Magazine for Georgia Business," “Executive Housekeeping Today,” and "Maintenance Sales News Magazine." She has been featured in various "ASK SCORE" business columns and appeared as a guest speaker on podcasts like Adon Riggs's "Cleaning up with Sales," "The SCRUB," and EQ Remix. Author of "Cleaning for Health: The Emerging Pathogen Threat in 2020," Gloria offers a comprehensive guide to adopting a Cleaning for Health mindset and understanding the pathogenic cycle, providing actionable steps to minimize the impact of COVID-19.

Engaged in various business development programs, Gloria has participated in the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center's Milestone program, the Verizon Small Business Digital Readiness Program, and the Amazon Accelerate Your Business Sprint program. She holds degrees from Strayer University, The University of Southern Mississippi, The Community College of the Airforce, and Tougaloo College.


A decorated Air Force veteran, Gloria received the Air Force Achievement Medal and was acknowledged as one of Savannah SCORE's top five business mentors in 2020. She served on the National Small Business Association Leadership Council from 2022-2023, actively promoting the interests of small businesses to policymakers in Washington, D.C and the Chairman of the Statesboro Business Commission.  Gloria plays an integral role in her community, currently serving on the Board of Directors of the Statesboro-Bulloch County Chamber of Commerce,  and holding a Board Member position of a local non-profit.

Gloria Wesley, SHRM-CP, RESE, C.P.T.

"Your Business Transformation Guru"

A Glimpse into my Journey

My life story defies statistics and stereotypes. As a teenage mother, I was labeled as just another statistic, facing daunting odds. According to projections, my chances of finishing high school were slim, college completion before 30 was almost nonexistent, and poverty seemed inevitable. But those statistics couldn't have been more wrong.

I realized that what seemed like disadvantages actually provided me with a unique edge. In fact, everyone possesses their own "unfair advantage" that can propel them forward in life, business, and career. Recognizing this, I made it my mission to maximize this attribute to its fullest potential. My journey is far from typical, but it's a testament to the power of resilience, determination, and the belief in defying expectations.

Don't just weather the storms of life – thrive in them. 

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