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Our Founder

Meet Gloria Wesley formerly Strauthers, a versatile professional who excels in various roles. She is a Certified John Maxwell DISC® Trainer, Coach, Speaker, and Teacher, as well as a Certified SCORE Business Mentor with extensive experience working with entrepreneurs and organizations from different industries. Her success story is an inspiration to many. Her unique approach to developing a "Growth Mindset" has opened doors to numerous opportunities that she has seized, leading to her early retirement at the age of 40. In 2016, she established Exodus Management and Consulting, LLC, where she currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer.

Gloria, the Founder, and CEO of Exodus Management and Consulting, LLC, is dedicated to assisting businesses in achieving sustainable success by enhancing processes to increase efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction. Gloria is a highly sought-after speaker, business coach, and multi-credentialed professional who challenges limiting beliefs, organizational culture, and systems to promote diversity and equity of thought. Gloria's innovative approach has earned her numerous accolades throughout her 25-year career, saving organizations millions of operational dollars. By connecting people and processes, Gloria's multiplying effect helps businesses create exponential value.


Gloria's business capacity includes programs such as the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center's Milestone program, the Verizon Small Business Digital Readiness Program, and the Amazon Accelerate Your Business sprint program. She is an alumna of Strayer University, The University of Southern Mississippi, The Community College of the Airforce, and Tougaloo College. Along with her academic excellence, she is a decorated Air Force veteran, receiving the Air Force Achievement Medal. Gloria is active in her community serving on the Board of Directors of Statesboro-Bulloch County Chamber of Commerce, Board Member of a local non-profit and Vice-Chair of SCORE Atlanta Business Mentors.

Gloria Wesley, SHRM-CP, RESE

About Gloria

I don't have your typical executive bio or rags-to-riches tale. My life journey began when I was a teenage mother, labeled as just another statistic. According to the statistics, my chances of finishing high school were only 40%, my chances of completing college before turning 30 were a mere 2%, and I had a 60% chance of living in poverty. But guess what? Those statistics were completely wrong! At one point, I even thought that these facts gave me an unfair advantage. But in reality, everyone has their own unique unfair advantage that gives them a competitive edge in life, business, and career. It's essential to intentionally maximize this attribute to its fullest potential.


To become a great leader, you must master being a servant to all.

The turning point in my life came when I adopted a Growth Mindset, which instilled in me the belief that dedication and hard work could help me develop any skill. This attitude fueled my desire to learn, leading me to think differently and be more receptive to innovation and progress. I am now living a life without regrets, and I am grateful to God for the grace he has given me to serve others in the business world. Every endeavor I undertake is aimed at improving the lives of others.

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