Traditionally health care facilities have been weighted with the responsibility of meeting hygienic standards. However, we should consider hygiene standards to be the responsibility of all. Our society should hold public transportation systems, airlines, restaurants, churches, and personal grooming places to standards comparable to medical facilities to some degree. Such establishments should take extraordinary care in protecting our general health. This book brings awareness to the importance of understanding how proper cleaning and disinfecting slows and, in some cases, stop the spread of emerging pathogens and resurgence of others. We call this paradigm Cleaning for Health. The cleaning cycle should be a continuous loop of proper hand hygiene, cleaning processes, and chemical applications to mitigate the emerging pathogen threat and allow individuals, businesses, and other establishments to take back their communities. Thank you in advance for your pre-order. The book is scheduled to be released in November 2020.

Cleaning for Health: The Emerging Pathogen Threat

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